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1665 - Inventory of John Brooke, Chair maker of St Martin's Parish, Lincoln

This inventory lists the contents of a late 17th century Lincoln chair maker's house and workshop.

"A true and perfect Inventory of all the Good and Chatt[els] of John Brooke late of the parish of St Martin in Lincoln Chaire maker deceased taken and appraised this 15th 
day of July 1665, by Us whose names are here under written

Inprimis His Purse and his Apparell100
Item, Wood great and small in the house and yard200
Item 9 Rakes and other similar one implemts in the shop0100
Item white Rods9100[]
Item Coine in the little Chamber nixt the sheets050
In the Great chamber
Item one dozen of Napkins, one pair of lyn sheets, fr pillow      }
Cases, 2 Table cloths, 2 long Towels, 3 paire of Course sheets,  }2150
One Silver Cup and two silver spoons in a seeld chest nigh the  }
Window, and the Chest                                                                 }
Item one course Covering, one Blanket, one pillow and  }
one pillow case with a trundle bed                                    }050[]
Item one paire of Curtaines and Vallance, One Coverlet        }
one blanket, one paire of sheets, one pillow, one pillow case }010[]
and a Chaff bed                                                                        }
Item two Covered Stooles 02[]
Item one Table Cupboard with a Carpet, one Cradle }
one Chest and one Stoole                                           }060
Item One wanded Chair, † one standing Close presse060
Item One Seeing glass006
In the Back Shop
Item one dozen of Chaires
In the house
Item Two flaggons, one pinte can, and one Gill can     }
8 pewter dishes, one chamber pot & two Candlesticks }0176
Item one Brass pott, 3 brasse pans, one warming                   }090
Pan, one Brasse Chafin dish, & one Brasse morter & pestull }
Item one high Cupboard 0100
Item 3 little Tables and one Carpet040
Item One Salting Kit, †† three Water Kits†† and }
one drink stand                                                      }030
Item one andiron§, one Spit, One paire of Cobirons§§ }
one ffire skummer, one paire of Tongs, one dripping    }
pan, Two End irons§, one Tallow Cawk, & hooks         }0100
one frying pan and other old iron                                   }
Item one Mare and a foale and one foot (?) follower30[]
Item Bumble Reed ‡05[]
Item Stallbords blocks and other implements00[][]
Total of this Inventory23[13][]
Roger Clark [x] his mark John Goodinn [x] his mark
Samuell Booth Robert Burmoster
1200 [] E[] fuit huiu[] .. apud Lincoln 12° Aug[] & pri[?]o [..] sub & S[]

[ ]: the original has losses at the margin where not all of the document remains. 
† Wanded chair: chair made of wickerwork or with wickerwork seat and back rushes (Glossary, p. 152 ‘Probate Inventories of Lincoln Citizens 1661-1714’ edited by J.A. Johnston, Lincoln Record Society & The Boydell Press 1991)
†† Kit: tub (p. 149, ibid.)
§ Andiron; also End iron: a device for raising logs above hearth level (p. 145, ibid.)
§§ Cobiron: a small version of an andiron, usually with hooks on the front to support spits  (p. 146, ibid.)
‡ Bumbles are woven bull rushes (p. 145 ibid.)  See also entry from ‘The English Dialect Dictionary’  Joseph Wright, OUP 1898:  “BUMBLE, sb.6 Yks. Lin. [bu-ml.]   1. The bulrush, Scirpus lacustris, with which chairs are bottomed. Also used attrib.   Lin. The chair's got a bumble bottom (R.E.C.). n.Lin. N. & Q.  (1852) 1st S v. 375 ; n.Lin.1 I can't abide them bumble-seated  chairs ; it's makkin' onessen like a Paapist to set doon 'e one  on 'em. sw-Lin.1   2. Comp. Bumble-barfan, a horse-collar made of reeds  or rushes as distinguished from the leather bargham (q.v.).   n.Yks. 12 ne. Yks. 1 The bumble-barfam was specially used for  young colts and fillies when first yoked (s.v. Barfhame). m.Yks.1  VOL. I.     [Bull-rushes ... in some countries . . . are called  bumbles, WESTMACOTT Script. Herbal (1694) 32.]”

Reference Name INV/165/41
Name: Brooke, John
Profession: Chair Maker
Place: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Date: 1665
Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

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